Retirement Questions

Below are some common retirement questions that are often asked. Click on the topic for the answer.

401k Loans
I have funds in an employer’s 401k retirement account. I want to be able to take a loan against the 401k to purchase a house, but I don’t want to be liable for the balance if my employment with the company ends. Can I roll the 401k into a rollover IRA and still do the loan?

SEP, 401k and Roth IRA contributions at same time
I contribute in a 401K and my husband to SEP; do we still qualify for Roth IRA? We meet the income limit and file jointly.

403b plan into Roth IRA
Can I roll over my 403b into a Roth IRA? The only option I saw was 403b in to an IRA then Convert the IRA in to a Roth.

IRA withdrawal for Educational expenses
My daughter is 24 and she just went back to school. Can I withdraw money from my IRA to help her with her educational expenses?

Minimum Required Distributions (MRD)
Are you required to take the Minimum Required Distribution (MRD) from a 401K if you are still actively employed?